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Visual Perception Treatment for Autistic Children

Autism effects every child differently, so it is difficult to find the exact treatments your child needs to cope with his or her symptoms. One thing that effects some autistic children (though, not all) is problems with visual perception. By using some standardized methods to help improve visual perception, you can give your child the ability to see the world more clearly, making learning and comprehension easier and possibly curbing some behavior problems as well.

Autistic children mainly have problems with sensory overload and distortion. These are some of the same problems many people not suffering from the disorder develop, and so many treatment options have become available. Individuals with autism often find, however, that the sensory overload of the world due to light, colors, contrast, shapes, and patterns, is too much to handle, causing them to act out or shut down in general. This is sometimes a genetic condition that is simply enhanced by the autism, so if the child's parents have trouble with reading or have been otherwise treated for visual perceptive problems, there is a good chance that the child needs help as well.

Visual Perception Treatment for Autistic Children

The Irene Method is one effective way to treat visual perception disorders. This method uses color to create a more harmonized world. You may have heard of these methods if anyone has ever suggested using a color filter over the page when reading to be able to read better and more quickly. This method is proven to work, and if your autistic child is at the maturity level of reading, you may want to try these color filters to see if there is a difference in speed and comprehension. However, it is more likely that your autistic child will benefit from color filters during the entire day, not just when reading. Special glasses have been made using colored lenses to conquer this problem. Not every child responds the same way to every color, so it is a process of trial and error to find out which color is the one blocking the harmful light. You can also choose to use colored light bulbs in your home to help autistic individuals with their visual perception problems.

This method mainly helps children in 4 areas: depth perception, social interaction, learning, and physical well being. The colors help the child determine how far he or she is from an object, and the world becomes more three-dimensional, helping depth perception. Social interaction also improves because the child feels as though he or she is in a calmer world and can more clearly see and interpret facial expressions. The colors make it possible to learn, especially when reading, and overall, the child will feel better, because it helps reduce headaches and dizziness. By testing this technique and others to help visual perception problems, you can help your child better cope with the world and his or her autism.

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Pacaran Boleh Tapi Jangan Terlalu "Lengket"

Jatuh cinta dan menjalin hubungan asmara memang memberikan kebahagiaan tersendiri. Wajar jika Anda ingin terus-menerus menghabiskan waktu bersama pasangan. Namun, ada baiknya Anda jangan terlalu "lengket" atau terlalu sering menghabiskan waktu bersama sang pacar.

"Perilaku terlalu lengket dengan pacar, seringkali membuat wanita dicap dan ditafsirkan negatif jika diinterpretasikan sebagai sifat lemah," ujar Jessica O'Reilly, seorang pakar hubungan percintaan dan penulis buku laris The New Sex Bible.

Menurut O'Reilly, pria pun bisa lengket dengan kekasihnya. Namun, wanita biasanya memiliki cara yang berbeda dalam menunjukkan rasa bahagianya ketika menghabiskan waktu bersama pasangan. Pria, kata O'Reilly, biasanya lebih merefleksikan kebahagiaan mereka melalui tindakan. "Jika Anda terlalu menuntut dan menginginkan pasangan, maka akan berdampak pada ketegangan atau konflik," imbuh O'Reilly.

Pacaran Jangan Terlalu "Lengket"

Ketika konflik terjadi, biasanya timbul argumen yang bisa berujung pada putusnya hubungan. Nah, apa saja sebenarnya tindakan yang dapat dikategorikan sebagai terlalu "lengket" dengan pacar? O'Reilly memberi contoh, Anda sibuk mengecek aktivitas pacar ketika ia sibuk atau menelepon di tengah malam pada hari kerja.

"Datang menghadiri acara tanpa diundang dan merencanakan kegiatan sebagai pasangan tanpa mengecek dulu apakah pacar dapat ikut serta atau tidak juga termasuk terlalu lengket dengan pasangan," jelas O'Reilly.

Untuk meminimalisir dan menghindari konflik, O'Reilly menganjurkan Anda juga memiliki acara serta kegiatan sendiri tanpa harus bergantung dengan pasangan. Yakinkan juga pada pasangan agar menghabiskan waktu pula dengan teman-temannya tanpa Anda harus mendampingi dia.

"Bicarakan juga tentang seberapa banyak waktu yang ingin kalian habiskan bersama. Tawarkan beberapa pilihan. Sesekali habiskan juga waktu masing-masing, sebab Anda tidak perlu bersama terus-menerus," jelas O'Reilly.

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My Child is Autistic-and I don't Know what to Do...

Discovering your child has autism may be a distressing ordeal, and unfortunately, time is of the essence. As a parent, you do not have the time to consider why or how this happened, only what to do next. The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone in your struggle. By researching the disorder and finding others going through similar situations, you can help you child while still dealing with your own emotional response.

Join a support group for parents with autism. You can find these by contacting the national Autism Society of America. From there you can find local branches, many of which offer support groups for parents and families with an autistic child. Being in contact with other parents in a similar situation can not only help you feel less alone, but it can provide you with a myriad of resources. A parent support group will also help point you in the direction of the best doctors, intervention programs, and workshops for both your child and your family. Find a support group for any other children you have as well. Many parents forget that they are not the only ones who must learn to live and communicate with an autistic child. By locating a support group for your other children, you can help them from acting out or acting against the autistic child by teaching them about the illness. As a parent, you must create a supportive environment for the entire family in order to properly manage your child's illness.

My Child is Autistic-and I don't Know what to Do...

Consider marriage counseling if you are married. An autistic child can put serious strain on a marriage, leading to escalating arguments, neglect of each other, and even perhaps blaming each other for the situation. Marriage counseling from the very beginning can help a couple through this discovery and rough transition, and help build a better supportive environment for your children. Your marriage should not end as a result of having an autistic child, but the sad fact is that many of them do. Prevent this by using one another for support and by understanding that you may need help to deal with one another now and in the future.

Most importantly, start on the path to becoming an expert. Many times pediatricians or psychiatrists are not experts on autism, which can lead to improper diagnoses or incorrect treatment options. As your child's best advocate, you must know everything you can about autism. Parents of Autistic Children can be a great resource; this organization offers training and workshops. The ASA has a newsletter and also offers a variety of information, from diagnosing to treating. As always, remember that a support group of parents with autistic children can always provide you with books and research that focus on the reality of the situation. Educate yourself and those around you to provide the most beneficial things for your child-love and guidance.

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Pros and Cons of Auto Navigation Systems and GPS Devices

Auto navigation systems and GPS devices are everywhere you turn in this day and age. You can find them in your car, boat, plane, even in your purse (if you have a PDA or cell phone with GPS capabilities combined with the right software and/or subscriptions). If that isn't enough for you, you also have the option and capability of turning your laptop computer into a GPS device if that is your desire. The thing that most people forget to check out or ask about when looking at all the nifty features of unit A over unit B is how easy is the unit you are considering to use?

Handheld GPS and auto navigation systems offer sensible solutions to common travel related problems. They will not have all the answers all the time but are a great help most of the time. There are many styles and types of GPS and auto navigation systems that are available in today's market. Some people may not fully understand all of the neat tricks you can do with your GPS system. Here are a few things you may not have realized you can do with your GPS device.
  • 1) You can always find the spot where you parked your car by marking it. Talk about a treasure hunt where "X" marks the spot!
  • 2) You can track your route while hiking, biking, or horseback riding so that you can retrace your steps in order to find your way back where you started.
  • 3) Some GPS devices can even allow you to 'go it alone' by offering the option of a digital compass rather than telling you step by step where to go (if this interests you, check the package details to see if this is available on the unit you are considering).
Keep in mind however that GPS and auto navigation systems aren't fail safe. There are a few problems that the brochures, boxes, and salesmen might neglect to mention.
  • You still need to carry around an Atlas or road maps for backups as there are occasions when the data for GPS units may not be current or accurate. Remember that roads are built, close, and in need of repair and maintenance all the time. It's nearly impossible to have one that is always correct up the minute.
  • These devices do not typically work well inside buildings or under dense forest cover.
  • Batteries, batteries, batteries. These are worse than digital cameras when it comes to burning through batteries. This is one reason that people tend to leave them charging at all times if you're leaving your car with your unit be sure you have extra batteries for backup as it is quite likely that you will need them at the worst possible moment.
  • GPS units do not recognize the existence of mountains, rivers, and other obstructions in your path so the directions and coordinates they give can occasionally be misleading.
There are many pros and cons when it comes to not only auto navigation devices but also for handheld GPS devices as well. Be sure that you try out the model you are considering before you buy it if at all possible. This will make your decision much easier and allow you to see whether or not you will be able to easily use and understand the auto navigation system you choose.

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The Privacy of Auto Navigation Systems

There is a great amount of concern about the privacy aspect of GPS and auto navigation systems and devices. Many people are strict guardians of their privacy as it has become so sacred and so easily invaded. I for one, certainly understand that desire to maintain one's privacy and do not endorse on any level using these types of devices in order to invade the privacy of total strangers or bending the law and legal protections we have in place in order to protect people from actions such as this.

On the other hand, it is great to know that if I make a 911 call from my GPS enabled cell phone, I can be found even if I have no clue as to where I am actually located. The same holds true for On Star. You can be located by the GPS information that the company has access to. The really good news is that you are not completely sacrificing your privacy or your right to that privacy for the sake of security. There are very strict laws in place to protect your privacy from invasive eyes, even during a legal preceding and there is also case law and precedence to support the understanding that your GPS coordinates cannot be given out even if there is credible evidence or reasonable suspicion.

Auto Navigation Systems

Privacy is so important in America that it has been guaranteed to our citizens. In this day and age of big brother and with the fear of the horrible things that could happen being sensationalized in Hollywood, the idea of privacy isn't as foreign of a concept as we thought it was.

The idea of privacy and invading privacy is another reason that many parents are more than a little hesitant about utilizing the GPS tracking capabilities of their children's cell phones. While we struggle with the notion of invading the privacy of our children we also know without a doubt that we want to protect our children from potential harm with every fiber of our beings. That protection includes protecting them from themselves on occasion no matter how distasteful that process may be.

Knowing where our children are at all times is one of many ways that we can help protect them from the evils of the world while also being available at a moments notice. The flip side of course is that our children can find us whenever they need us also so we are essentially sacrificing some degree of our privacy in order to be available to our children at all times and to know where they are. Be sure to remind your teen or preteen of this whenever they grumble that you are checking up on them.

The price to pay for these services is marginal when compared to the wonderful benefits they offer families with children, teens, or even elderly who may need to be monitored for whatever reason. Protecting our loved ones is one of the many benefits of auto navigation systems and GPS technology that can't be measured with a price tag or a certain weight in gold. Whether you decide to make use of this technology for you and your family you should rest assured in the knowledge that you aren't exposing your day-to-day travels to any passerby. Your privacy is still safe from strangers, while your family may be a different subject all together.

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Usia Ideal Menikah Untuk Pria dan Wanita Berapa Ya?

Pesta pernikahan membutuhkan persiapan yang matang, bukan hanya soal materi saja, namun anda juga perlu mempersiapkan mental sebaik mungkin. Banyak orang beranggapan bahwa usia ideal untuk menikah antara pria dan wanita tersebut berbeda. Sebenarnya tidak ada batasan untuk melakukan pernikahan. Anda bisa menikah pada usia yang masih muda, paruh baya, ataupun tua. Usia berapapun tidak masalah, yang terpenting adalah anda sudah mempersiapkan diri sebaik mungkin sebelum pernikahan tersebut dilangsungkan.

Kita tidak pernah tahu kapan jodoh akan datang. Namun secara umum, usia ideal untuk menikah untuk perempuan adalah di usia 20 – 21 tahun. Kemudian untuk laki-laki adalah pada usia 25 tahun. Alasannya adalah karena pria memerlukan kematangan finansial sebelum melakukan pernikahan. Selain itu, emosi serta psikis juga harus dipersiapkan dengan baik. Usia 25 ke atas merupakan usia matang di mana seseorang sudah mampu mempersiapkan diri baik secara fisik maupun emosi untuk menjalani hubungan rumah tangga.

 Usia Ideal Menikah Untuk Pria dan Wanita Berapa Ya

Untuk wanita, mengapa pernikahan bisa dilangsungkan lebih awal? Itu karena konduksi kesehatan reproduksi mereka lebih baik saat masih berusia muda. Jika anda berniat untuk memiliki banyak anak, maka kecenderungannya adalah menikah di usia muda karena dengan menikah di usia muda, ada banyak waktu untuk memiliki banyak keturunan. Namun jika anda tidak terlalu mempermasalahkan keturunan, maka tidak ada masalah jika ingin menikah di usia lebih tua.

Apakah pria harus lebih tua daripada wanita dalam sebuah hubungan? Sebenarnya ini bukanlah patokan standar dalam sebuah pernikahan. Tidak ada masalah jika pihak perempuan lebih lebih dewasa usianya daripada pihak laki-laki. Namun pertimbangan soal pria harus berusia lebih tua daripada wanita dalam sebuah pernikahan mengacu pada fakta bahwa pria merupakan pemimpin, jadi ia perlu lebih matang. Kematangan seseorang bisa dilihat dari usianya, walaupun faktanya tidak selalu demikian.

Banyak juga orang yang sudah berusia tua namun masih memiliki sifat seperti anak-anak, begitu pula sebaliknya. Jadi yang diperlukan dalam sebuah hubungan pernikahan adalah kedewasaan dari masing-masing pihak, terutama dari pihak laki-laki. Jika misalnya anda sudah melewati masa usia ideal menikah, apakah anda harus terburu-buru untuk melakukannya? Rasanya tidak, yang terpenting adalah anda harus siap dulu secara materi dan emosi.

Pokoknya kuncinya hanya satu, yaitu kesiapan dalam membina rumah tangga. Jika kedua individu sudah siap, ini bisa menghindari konflik yang sering muncul dalam kehidupan rumah tangga. Dari konflik yang kecil seperti ketidakcocokan bisa muncul masalah yang lebih besar. Sudah banyak kasus membuktikan bahwa pernikahan yang terburu-buru kemungkinan besar tidak berakhir bahagia, jadi berhati-hatilah.

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A good night's sleep can help you feel good, look healthy, work effectively and think clearly

Sleep is an essential part of good health. A good night's sleep can help you feel good, look healthy, work effectively and think clearly.

But sleep is not always so easy to come by. If you sometimes have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, you're not alone. A 1991 Gallup study found that more than one-third of all Americans suffer occasional or chronic insomnia.

People often are surprised to learn that daytime drowsiness is not an inevitable, harmless byproduct of modern life, but rather a key sign of a sleep problem that could be disastrous if not treated.

Recent figures show that nearly a quarter of the population regularly cannot go to, or remain asleep, and every year doctors write out more than 14 million prescriptions for sleeping tablets.


The causes of sleeplessness are many and varied. 'It can be due to a medical condition, such as chronic pain from rheumatism or arthritis,' says Professor Jim Horne, who runs the Sleep Research Laboratory at Loughborough University. 'Or it can be chemical, as a result of drinking tea, coffee or alcohol. Chronic or long-term insomnia is often associated with depression or anxiety, and environmental factors certainly contribute.'

And sleepless nights, staring wild-eyed into the darkness, are worse than bad dreams,

For too many people--an estimated 9percent of the American population--a good night's sleep is an elusive goal. The consequences of fatigue from chronic sleeplessness include accidents in the car and at work, a dramatically increased risk of major depression, and worsening physical illness.

Immediate relief is available, in the form of hypnotic agents, for persons who have difficulty in falling or remaining asleep or who cannot obtain restful, restorative slumber. However, long-term improvement usually involves behavioral therapy. These therapeutic approaches must be integrated if the patient's short- and long-term needs are to be addressed.

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This is a tremendously important study in the control of heart disease

Strict changes in diet and lifestyle can not only prevent heart attacks, but can reverse the clogging of the arteries, according to a small but pioneering study.

The study showed that a vegetarian diet, moderate exercise and an hour a day of yoga and meditation could produce a reversal of atherosclerosis, a blockage of the arteries that can lead to a heart attack, in men and women who were strict in following the daily regimen.

Experts say this is the first study to report that such blockage can be reversed without using cholesterol-lowering drugs or surgery.

Heart disease

The study, which was conducted by Dr. Dean Ornish, director of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute in Sausalito, Calif., was presented at the meeting of the American Heart Association in New Orleans. 

This is a tremendously important study in the control of heart disease. It's the very first study indicating regression of coronary heart disease without pharmaceutical intervention. The results also suggest that the current medical guidelines for changes in the habits of people with severe heart disease do not go far enough.

Previous studies have shown that exercise and diet changes can slow the progression of heart disease, but not reverse it.

While the study did not determine what percentage of improvement could be attributed to the lifestyle changes alone, the researchers noted that stress-control methods have been shown to ease recovery from a variety of disorders, including hypertension.

But some experts are skeptical of the need for stress-management methods, which are not currently among standard recommendations for those with severe heart disease.

Some experts on cardiac rehabilitation question whether most people with heart disease could follow such strict changes in their habits.

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Inilah Beberapa Penyakit Yang Bisa Ditularkan Melalui Mulut dan Tenggorokan

Penyakit infeksi bisa ditularkan lewat beberapa cara, seperti melalui udara, ludah, kulit, darah, kontak seksual, makanan, atau benda yang terkontaminasi bakteri.

Cara penularan paling sering adalah melalui udara, misalnya saat seseorang batuk atau bersin. Droplet (partikel air kecil) tersebut membawa mikroorganisme yang dapat dihirup langsung oleh orang lain. Beberapa infeksi juga dapat ditularkan melalui kontak langsung dengan ludah.

Berikut ini adalah delapan penyakit yang dapat ditularkan melalui mulut dan tenggorokan:

Inilah Beberapa Penyakit Yang Bisa Ditularkan Melalui Mulut dan Tenggorokan


Gejala selesma biasanya diawali dengan sakit tenggorokan diikuti pilek, hidung tersumbat, dan batuk. Demam biasanya muncul pada anak-anak, namun jarang terjadi pada orang dewasa. Ada ratusan jenis virus yang bisa menyebabkan selesma, namun umumnya tidak berbahaya dan dapat sembuh dengan sendirinya dalam beberapa hari.


Berbeda dengan selesma, gejala flu biasanya lebih berat dan berupa sakit tenggorokan, demam tinggi, pegal-pegal di seluruh badan, batuk, dan pilek. Sebagian besar virus influenza akan hilang dalam 5-7 hari, tetapi ada beberapa jenis virus influenza yang berbahaya dan telah menimbulkan pandemik seperti virus H1N1 (flu babi).

Tuberkulosis (TBC)

Tuberkulosis disebabkan oleh bakteri Mycobacterium tuberculosis yang ditularkan melalui udara. Pada umumnya bakteri tuberkulosis menginfeksi paru-paru, namun bisa juga mengenai tulang, usus, kelenjar getah bening, dan organ tubuh lainnya. Gejala-gejala TBC paru berupa batuk berdahak dalam waktu lama (lebih dari 2 minggu), penurunan berat badan, keringat malam, batuk darah, demam, pembesaran kelenjar getah bening, dan nyeri dada. Pengobatan TBC membutuhkan waktu minimal 6 bulan.

Fifth Disease/ Parvovirus

Fifth disease atau erythema infectiosum disebabkan oleh parvovirus B19. Penyakit ini lebih banyak terjadi pada anak-anak dibanding dewasa. Gejala-gejalanya berupa demam, pilek, sakit kepala, kemerahan di wajah dan bagian tubuh lainnya (tangan, dada, punggung, dan bokong). Parvovirus B19 ditularkan melalui saluran napas (ludah, dahak, atau lendir hidung) saat orang yang terinfeksi batuk atau bersin.

Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease (HMFD)

HMFD disebabkan oleh virus Coxsackie yang ditularkan melalui udara (batuk atau bersin), ludah, atau feses. Gejala-gejalanya berupa demam, sakit tenggorokan, sariawan di mulut, serta bercak kemerahan di tangan dan kaki.


Disebabkan oleh bakteri yang sangat menular yaitu Bordetella pertussis. Gejala-gejalanya berupa batuk lama dan terus-menerus. Batuk biasanya keras seperti berteriak, disertai pilek, mata merah, dan demam. Pertusis menyebabkan kematian pada sekitar 250.000 anak di dunia setiap tahunnya, maka dari itu penting untuk memberikan imunisasi DPT pada anak untuk mencegah infeksi ini.

Infeksi Pneumokokal

Infeksi ini disebabkan oleh bakteri Streptococcus pneumonia, menyebabkan infeksi paru-paru yang disebut pneumonia. Kelompok orang yang rentan terkena infeksi ini adalah anak-anak dan orang lanjut usia. Pneumonia dapat berakibat fatal jika tidak segera ditangani dengan baik. Gejala-gejalanya berupa batuk berdahak, demam, sesak napas/ napas cepat, dan nyeri dada. Bakteri S.pneumonia ini juga bisa menyebabkan penyakit meningitis (infeksi selaput otak).

Mononucleosis/ Kissing Disease

Penyakit ini disebabkan oleh virus Epstein Barr dan ditularkan melalui udara, cairan tubuh (ludah), dan darah. Penyakit ini banyak ditularkan melalui kontak dengan ludah, sehingga disebut sebagai kissing disease. Gejala-gejalanya berupa demam, sakit tenggorokan, pembengkakan kelenjar limfe, dan kemerahan di kulit.

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There are two effective yoga exercises that helps lower the blood pressure

For controlling your hypertension, there are two effective yoga exercises that helps lower the blood pressure:

Inverted Yoga

Inverted yoga reverses the action of gravity on the body. The most profound changes brought about by Inverted Yoga is in circulation. In inverted poses, legs and abdomen are placed higher than the heart.

Lengthening up through the legs and keep them very active so your spine opens and the entire body actively involved in the pose.

One of the reasons for this is simply because the force of gravity is reversed and venous return becomes significantly greater.

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

Normally, the muscles of the calf and other skeletal muscles in the lower extremities must contract in order to pump unoxygenated blood and waste back to the heart through the veins.

In inverted poses, gravity causes the blood to flow easily back through the veins and this brings the blood pressure in the feet to a minimum. This in effect gives skeletal muscles a chance to rest.

In Inverted poses, drainage of blood and waste from the lower body back to the heart is increased and disorders such as varicose veins and swollen ankles are relieved.

Rhythmic Breathing

It's time to learn about breathing, because inhaling and exhaling has the power to nourish the body and calm the mind.

Not just any old breathing will do. If you're like most people, you take shallow breaths, pull in your stomach when you inhale and never empty your lungs of carbon dioxide when you exhale.

Here's the physiological explanation: Long, slow breaths are more efficient than short, fast ones.

To take in a good breath, your lungs must first be basically empty. Thus the key to efficient breathing lies in exhaling completely. A full exhalation begins with the upper chest, proceeds to the middle chest and finishes with tightening the abdominal muscles.

Only after a good exhalation can you draw in a good lungful of the oxygen-rich air your blood needs for nourishing cells.

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